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About Us

Our goal is to provide access to every public policy and regulation across every sector across every country in Africa

PolicyVault.Africa is an online repository of government policies, electoral guidelines, business regulations, laws, investment guides, and macroeconomic data of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Conceived by public policy graduate students of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) motivated by the absence of a platform to store policy data, which has historically been difficult to access by African citizens, civil society, researchers, and investors.

It is a first of its kind project aimed at enabling stakeholders to search for any policy in any sector in any country in Africa.

The PolicyVault.Africa website provides extensive access to documents including:

Government policies

Electoral guidelines

Business regulations

National budgets

Investment guides

Acts and laws

Our Approach

Leveraging a wide network of partners and analysts on the ground in Africa, we compile, verify, clean, and upload key government policies across Africa

Our Team

Our team comprises innovative and motivated young individuals with proven records of excellence.

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Partners & Sustainability

We drive inclusivity and ensure sustainability of this platform by working closely with diverse partners across key African markets.