Currency: Kenyan shilling (KES)

Timezone: East Africa Time (UTC+3)

Kenya is a constitutional republic comprising forty-seven counties, including Nairobi as its capital city. It is a country in East Africa lying astride the equator extending from the Indian Ocean in the east and bordering Uganda in the west, the United Republic of Tanzania in the south, Somalia in the north-east, Ethiopia and Sudan in the north. Kenya was part of the British Empire in Africa until it attained independence on 1 June 1963 and became a republic on 12 December 1964. The country covers a total area of 582,646 square kilometres with a present population of over 51 million people. The national government of Kenya comprises the executive, legislative and judiciary arms which are independent of each other, and individual roles are assigned by the constitution of Kenya. The president heads the executive arm of government.

The Chief Justice leads the judiciary while the two branches of the legislative arm (Senate and National Assembly) are under the leadership of the parliament senate speaker and assembly speaker. Kenya is a multilingual country with Bantu Swahili and English as its official working languages. The Kenyan Shilling is the official currency. The country has a market-based economy that relies heavily on the agricultural sector for its major exports, including tea and coffee. Other exports include refined petroleum, cement, and apparel.

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Kenya PipelineCompany Vision 2025

Kenya, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

The Kenya pipeline company developed this ten years transformational corporate strategic plan aims at ensuring the company continues to play its role in the oil and gas sector.

Kenya 2025 Energy

The Water (Transfer of National Public Assets) Regulations, 2021

Kenya, Ministry of Water

These regulationa provides the guidance for the transfer of national public assets to a county government or service provider and for public private partnership relating to the use of national public assets by a private...

Kenya 2021 Utilities

The Environmental Management and Coordination Regulation, 2021

Kenya, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

This regulation elucidates the responsibility of producers to ensure environmental sustainability for the reduction of environmental pollution, degradation and for the promotion of a circular economy and a culture of environmental responsibility and consciousness.

Kenya 2021 Environment and Climate Change

The Climate Change (Duties and Incentives) Regulations, 2021

Kenya, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

This documents provides regulations for climate change activities of public entitie in national and county governments to ensure the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

Kenya 2021 Environment and Climate Change

Guidelines on Minimum Tax

Kenya, Kenya Revenue Authority

This document list the requiremnet for exclusions from the minimum tax, the applicable rate and the effective date for tax payment.

Kenya 2021 Finance

The Sustainable Waste Management Bill, 2021

Kenya, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

This is an Act of Parliament outlining the legal and institutional framework for sustainable waste management in Kenya and to protect the constitutional rights of Kenyans to clean and health environement.

Kenya 2021 Environment and Climate Change

Hydrologists Rules and Regulations

Kenya, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

These regulations makes provision for the registration of hydrologist, licensing, and the presentation of hydrological reports.

Kenya 2021 Environment and Climate Change

Whistle-Blower Protection Policy

Kenya, The National Treasury and Planning

This policy by the National Social Security Funds is to ensure employees, employers and other stakeholders are supported and able to report cases of unethical and illegal practices. The policy statement outlines the process for...

Kenya 2021 Finance

The Capital Markets Authority Handbook

Capital Markets Authority, Kenya

This handbook has seven chapters that highlight: capital markets authority and financial instruments; investor protection; licencees and potential licencees guide; collective investment schemes (CIS); public offers and listing of securities; the code of corporate governance...

Kenya 2021 Finance

National Climate Change Learning Strategy 2021 – 2031

Kenya, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

This Learning strategy provides a systematic, country driven, coordinated approach to climate change learning by fostering multi-stakeholder, cross sectoral collaboration to support learning needs and capacity development priorities and strengthen national institutions to deliver climate...

Kenya 2021 Environment and Climate Change

Climate Change (Code Of Conduct And Conduct For Doing Business) Regulations

Kenya, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

This regulatory document provides code of conduct for members of the National Climate Change Council and the members of staff under the Climate change Act. Part III of the document provides conduct of doing business...

Kenya 2021 Environment and Climate Change

National Sustainable Waste Management Policy 2021

Kenya, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

The goal of this framework policy is to protect public health and the environment, as well as drive job and wealth creation, by creating an enabling environment for sustainable, integrated waste management and the minimization...

Kenya 2021 Environment and Climate Change