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June 5, 2023 Add to library

Tigray Truce Has Not Calmed Situation in Ethiopia

Since November 2020, when armed conflict broke out, Tigrayans in Western Tigray have been subjected to torture, arbitrary detention, and forced deportation by local authorities and Amhara forces in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region. This is part of an ethnic cleansing campaign by the group to forcibly expel Tigrayans from the zone. While measures by the Ethiopian government have proven to be ineffective and less transparent. This article highlights key recommendations that could help calm the situation in Western Tigray.

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May 29, 2023 Add to library

Another Failed Attempt to End the Violence in Sudan

Several attempts have been made to reach a truce, but each has stalled out. Failing to reach a lasting truce this time punctures the relative peace present in the capital, Khartoum, and further worsens the humanitarian crisis. The biggest challenge is the fact that this power struggle pits two sizable and quasi-independent armed forces against each other. With this in mind, there are some strategies highlighted in this article that could make the warring sides come to the bargaining table in good faith.

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March 31, 2023 Add to library

How Has Kenyan President William Ruto Fared Six Months Into His Tenure?

Elected on the promise of a "Bottom-Up Economic Transformation," President Ruto has taken several early actions in line with his pledges of economic transformation. He recently promised a KES50 billion annual commitment to the Hustlers Fund initiative —a financial inclusion fund to provide affordable credit to businesses, aimed at boosting economic growth and employment. He has also kept his promise on the housing and settlement plan by launching several affordable housing projects across the country.

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March 2, 2023 Add to library

INEC’s Failures Define the Nigerian General Elections 

The All Progressives Congress’ Bola Tinubu has been announced as the President-elect and the victor of this process. Given the range of problems, it’s likely that this result will be contested by the other major parties and disputed by a significant share of the public. In fact, the People’s Democratic Party, Labour Party and New Nigeria People’s Party have already called on INEC to cancel the results and hold fresh elections. That’s a demand that will most likely not be met, leaving the convoluted electoral dispute resolution process at the Courts as their only real recourse.

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